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Marketing job hunters: stop wondering if your CV is good enough by using these proven formulas.

In the PDF Cheatsheet, you will learn how to:

“Dav’s advice has taken my CV to a professional standard and has led to more interviews for the jobs I want most.

His insight has helped me to showcase my skills and ability more clearly, and in a way that’s focused on what prospective employers are really interested in.

I can’t recommend Dav’s services enough, he’s a genuine expert in this field.”

Josh A | Marketing Manager | Westbourne Intl.

At the start of my career, my CV was a mess, costing me countless opportunities.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I probably applied for hundreds of jobs without success.

Half the time, they wouldn’t even bother to say they’d got my CV!

I was getting pretty desperate. Bills needed paying.

Canva templates just weren’t cutting it.

So, I took a punt and hired someone to review my CV.

They ripped it apart. They suggested things I hadn’t even considered!

I realised that my CV was holding me back

Just a few simple changes got me my first marketing gig. Suddenly, I had an interview.

Since then, I’ve developed my CV/Resumé into a self-promoting powerhouse.

This CV advice:

Have you struggled with shooting CVs into the void, forever ghosted?

I get it. I’ve been there. It’s not a nice feeling, but it doesn’t need to be your reality.

I put together these tips to help people to turn their CV into their personal sales team.

At the very least, it’ll let you put your CV out of your mind and focus on your interview technique.

You’re gonna need it.😉

Why take my advice?

Dav Nash | Latent Clarity Founder

​I have over 10 years experience in digital marketing across agency and in-house positions.

In that time, I’ve rapidly climbed the career ladder – most notably going from a Marketing Executive to Head of Marketing within 3 years.

In team and departmental leadership positions, I have hired staff from interns to consultants. From reviewing hundreds of marketing CVs, I have found many are lacking basic elements.

I’ve kept track of the reasons I have rejected CVs and layered in advice I have received throughout my career. I’ve put this together into an easily digestible document to help you upgrade your CV.

I’m on a mission to help marketers to level up their careers with actionable, evidenced advice.

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